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Rules Pets Hotel

14 Jun

Animals Regulations

Pets Hotel Elba Regulation

Our hotel has always accepted animals (dogs, cats, etc.), but for the respect of other guests and
common rules of hygiene owners must be guarantors of compliance with the rules below:
1.The presence of the animal must be notified at booking or at check-in.
2.The management reserves the right to accept the animal at its discretion, and in any case, if it is not correspond to what stated by Guest.
3)The animals must remain on a leash or inside the hotel both in the external areas of relevance (parking area, games).
4.The customer must be properly equipped for the well-being of your pet.
5.It prohibited any use of the bed linen and towels for the animal (grooming,pallets or other).
6.E’ absolutely it is forbidden to pick up the animal on the beds,armchairs, chairs, tables etc.
7.The animal's behavior must be owner managed so as not to disturb other guests.
8.E’ absolutely forbidden to leave animals alone in the rooms during your stay (day and night).
9.E’ absolutely forbidden to bring any animal in the breakfast room,Restaurant and lounge (Even outside)
10) Animals can not be left unattended in rooms,The cleaning staff will not clean room if the friend restrerà animal unattended.
11)The cost of the animal's stay is 10,00 EURO night had a thorough cleaning of the room and with suitable detergents and disinfectants compared to normal;
They are the sole responsibility of the customer
tute the necessary operations to restore environmental hygiene in the rooms occupied by the animal.
If they encounter traces (game, droppings or other) on the beds or bedding will be charged to the customer the value of the head contaminated according to the price available in the rooms.
The management reserves the right to withdraw at any time and without notice the contract of Living who does not comply with the above instructions.

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